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Welcome to Music 2 Tor !

My name is Hartley Taylor, I’m the founder of Music 2 Tor, a place to find a variety of musical instruments for those who are very young learners and for those who are older learners, young at heart. Music is truly the universal language, motivating, encouraging, and inspiring for all ! So much has been said of the multiple benefit’s that come from a musical experience whether simply listening to or picking up an instrument to learn for the first time.

Music intervention, is also effective way to connect with and teach children with Autism, and other (special needs) making progress in social as well as academic skills. Medical science has also shown that learning and playing music can be instrumental in building neural pathways in aging brain functions. Yes ! Your brain will be in better shape if you learn to play an instrument ! We carry products that cater to the first time buyer and to those who would like a quality musical instrument that they can enjoy for years to come. So browse our selection of musical instruction books and instruments, to begin musically tutoring your brain today.