Embracing The Power Of Music

How has the art of music and science come together to provide  powerful healing benefits to individuals through music therapy?

Because the use of conventional medicine  alone has been unsuccessful in the treatment of some neurological disorders, however with the integration of music therapy, neurological disorders, and other illnesses have been successfully treated and managed.

As neuroscience studies music through the use of functional imaging,  clinical data  has validated the brains plasticity, its ability to change.

Yes !  music speaks to individuals enhancing the neurological function of the body to help over come  disorders,  providing healing benefits for the whole body.


In the early 1940’s one of the first music therapy programs engaged veterans suffering from post traumatic stress  as a complimentary treatment regiment, resulting in a very favorable response, physically and emotionally.  Its use has continued since then, validating its ability to change and enhance the neurological function of the whole body, enabling individuals to relearn a lost skill, such as walking, speech, memory, overcome fear, and even relief from pain.

It is estimated one million people received music therapy in 2010. How rewarding  for  therapists to implement the  elements of music in a therapeutic approach that demonstrates its profound nature to heal and comfort through  rhythm and ryhme.

If you or someone you know has experienced a connection with the art of  music and would like to share how it has enhanced your life in any way, please feel free to share your story as an encouragement for our readers.

Where Words Fail Music Speaks ~  Shakespeare

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