Healing Through The Power Of Music

“The earth has music for those who listen”   W. Shakespeare

It doesn’t seem possible that by listening to symphony music, every emotion in the human body can be played on, yet it does.  Music not only effects our emotions, but our physiology as well. Yes the body can Heal Through The Power Of Music.  What most people don’t understand though is just how music has this effect on us.  How do we distinguish music from other sounds we hear? It is by the properties of music that we recognize.

There are four main properties of musical sound, they are; Pitch, Dynamics, Tone Color, and Duration.  The main property of music, the (Pitch), is what creates a response  and pitch is determined by the frequency of its vibrations. Its all about frequency and how our auditory sense processes and interprets these tones. Depending on the rate of these frequencies  we will experience certain reactions, this is called frequency response.  However, not all music is  pleasant to listen to and can  be irritating as I’m sure we all have experienced loud disturbing music making you feel out of sync, and irritated. This is because  not all vibrations of sound and tones are aligned with the frequency of our minds and bodies personal energy frequency, therefore  causing a conflict within us.

music therapy

As humans we  are a part of nature like other animals and plant life, so  in order for a  frequency to resonate in harmony with our physiology it must be in balance with nature itself . NASA scientists have recorded this  harmonious frequency at the heart of the sun  to be 528Hz,  resonating with, sunbeams, rainbows, flowers, grass and even the bees vibrate at this , it is  known to be the frequency of nature and life.

This 528Hz. can also be found in  the Original Solfeggio Music Scale ; (UT-396 Hz,  RE-417Hz, MI-528Hz, FA-639Hz, SOL-741Hz, LA-852Hz, SI-963Hz,)  Verdi,  Mozart, and many  others great composers employed the Original Solfeggio frequency scale because of the calming effect on its listeners emotions, creating music in harmony with nature, that allows one to slow down and feel, penetrating the heart, and deep into our subconscious aligning our thoughts, mind,  and body, creating a coherent, harmonious state of being with nature, when this happens and our physiology responds with proven emotional, mental and physical health.

This particular note “MI” in the musical scale resonates with 528 Hz has been used today by biochemists to repair human DNA. This energy, and vibration go all the way to the molecular level. Exposing the DNA to this frequency has shown profound healing effects.  So, not only through music do we  experience this healing  frequency, but as Shakespeare’s quote says  “The earth has music for those who listen”,  and its music vibrates at   528Hz.

Bees resonate at 528

The heart of the sun,  when we  interact with nature, hiking, fishing, or just going for a walk, we are listening. By our listening  and interacting with nature we experiencing a frequency response to these vibrations as well,  bringing us  into harmony with earths natural healing musical vibrations for some very real benefits.

Solfeggio frequencies

  • 396 HZ Liberation from guilt and fear
  • 417 HZ Facilitating change
  • 528 HZ Miracles, transformation – associated with the possibility of DNA repair
  • 639 HZ Relationships and connections
  • 741 HZ Awakening intuition

852 HZ returning to spiritual order

Yes music has the power to heal us through, Pitch, Dynamics, Tone Color, and Duration. To what extent we allow music to affect our life is up to each and every one of us. It cab be as simple as sitting out on the back porch and listening to the sound of nature. Humming along to your favorite song. Or trying to play a musical instrument. Why not incorporate some of these simple ideas into your daily routine to see the healing benefit’s that can be had through the power of music.



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